Moving on a Budget in Austin?

Are you planning to move to Austin but concerned about your budget? Don’t worry! Austin has a plethora of affordable rental options near downtown that are waiting to be discovered. In this article, we will uncover some hidden gems in Austin that offer affordability without compromising on convenience and quality. Let’s dive in!

1. East Austin

If you’re looking for an affordable neighborhood that still provides easy access to downtown, look no further than East Austin. This vibrant area is rich in culture, with a burgeoning arts scene, hip cafes, and trendy bars. The rental prices in East Austin are relatively lower than those in downtown, making it an ideal choice for budget-conscious movers.

Here are some hidden gems in East Austin:

NeighborhoodRental PricesDistance to Downtown
Holly$1,200 – $1,5002 miles
Cherrywood$1,300 – $1,7003 miles
Windsor Park$1,000 – $1,4004 miles

These neighborhoods offer a range of rental prices, allowing you to find an option that fits your budget. With their close proximity to downtown, you can still enjoy everything Austin has to offer without breaking the bank.

2. South Lamar

Situated just south of downtown, South Lamar offers a unique blend of affordability and convenience. This up-and-coming neighborhood is known for its vibrant nightlife, trendy eateries, and proximity to local parks. With a range of rental options, you can find affordable apartments or houses that suit your needs.

Here are some hidden gems in South Lamar:

NeighborhoodRental PricesDistance to Downtown
Zilker$1,500 – $2,0002 miles
Barton Hills$1,700 – $2,2003 miles
South Lamar$1,300 – $1,8004 miles

South Lamar provides an ideal balance between affordability and proximity to downtown. You can enjoy the vibrant Austin lifestyle while staying within your budget.

3. North Loop

If you’re looking for a quirky neighborhood with an affordable cost of living, North Loop is the place to be. Nestled just north of downtown, this area is known for its unique boutiques, eclectic dining options, and vibrant music scene. North Loop offers affordable rental options for those looking to live close to downtown without paying high prices.

Here are some hidden gems in North Loop:

Neighborhood Rental Prices Distance to Downtown
Crestview $1,200 – $1,500 3 miles
Hyde Park $1,400 – $1,800 4 miles
Allandale $1,500 – $2,000 5 miles

Living in North Loop allows you to experience the vibrant and artistic side of Austin while maintaining an affordable lifestyle.


4. Riverside

If you’re willing to venture slightly east of downtown, Riverside offers affordable rental options that are still within convenient reach of Austin’s city center. This area provides an affordable alternative to downtown living while still offering proximity to parks, riverside trails, and shopping centers.

Here are some hidden gems in Riverside:

Neighborhood Rental Prices Distance to Downtown
University Hills $1,100 – $1,400 5 miles
Montopolis $900 – $1,200 6 miles
Pleasant Valley $1,000 – $1,300 7 miles

Riverside offers an affordable escape from downtown while still providing easy access to Austin’s bustling city life.

With these hidden gems near downtown Austin, you can find an affordable rental option that matches your budget. Whether you choose East Austin, South Lamar, North Loop, or Riverside, you’ll be able to enjoy the vibrant Austin lifestyle without breaking the bank. Happy moving!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Find Affordable Rentals In Austin?

Affordable rentals in Austin can be found near downtown, explore hidden gems for budget-friendly options.

What Are The Benefits Of Living Near Downtown Austin?

Living near downtown Austin offers convenience, proximity to amenities, vibrant culture, and a bustling lifestyle.

Are There Hidden Gems For Affordable Rent Near Downtown?

Yes, explore unique neighborhoods like East Cesar Chavez, Mueller, and Holly for affordable rental options.

How Can I Secure A Budget-friendly Rental In Austin?

Secure a budget-friendly rental by researching online listings, contacting local real estate agents, and negotiating rent terms.


In Austin, Texas, hidden gems abound for those seeking affordable rentals near downtown. Neighborhoods like East Austin, South Lamar, North Loop, and Riverside offer a diverse range of options, each with its unique charm and amenities. With careful exploration and consideration, renters can find a budget-friendly oasis without sacrificing convenience or quality of life. By tapping into these hidden gems, residents can enjoy the vibrant culture and bustling lifestyle of downtown Austin while staying within their financial means. Happy hunting!

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